Petitions challenging the abolition of Article 370 moves the apex court seeking an early hearing

Jammu and Kashmir People’s Conference (JKPC), the political party in the J&K has filed an application with the Supreme Court of India. This application concerns moving up the hearing of the petitions filed questioning the abolition of A.370 from the Constitution. The political party is headed Sajad Gane Lone who filed the plea through its spokesperson Adnan Ashraf. This application contended that the Centre is introducing extensive alterations which will have irreplaceable consequences on the people of J&K. Therefore, all these amendments are not only illegal but void-ab-initio. The application then submits a chart indicating the subsequent changes post the passing of the impugned order and revocation of the said Article.

The application mentioned that while the “intent” of the impugned order has been perpetually presented as the changes being implemented for the betterment of the people of J&K. However, the truth is that those people are currently suffering in this whole debacle.

“Not only due to repeated internet shutdowns and reduced internet speeds have the students and businesses being suffering in Jammu and Kashmir, the impugned order and the slew of restrictions continually damage the economy as well as everyday life of the locals, who have been completely kept away from the entire process despite the fact that each change under the laws detrimentally effects the locals at an individualistic level”- The application.

A notice was issued in 2019 to refer this matter to a constitutional bench with a bunch of pleas filed before the SC. After this matter was raised to a larger bench by a senior counsel. However, the judgement pronounced on this matter in February 2020 stated that there was no reason for all the pleas regarding this matter to be referred to a larger bench. However, before the Court could hear these petitions, owing to the global pandemic, the court started functioning in a restricting manner. Since then, the infrastructure has been developed and the number of matters being heard by the courts has increased simultaneously. This application seeks an early hearing of the petitions filed in this matter to be heard at the earliest.

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