The complexities of familial relationships are taken seriously by our skilled and experienced lawyers to safeguard the best interests of our clients in matters ranging from Filing Divorce Cases to Filling for Cases of Dowry, Alimony and Child Custody. Civil Matters like Negligence Cases, Recovery Suits, Breach of Contract/ Agreement, Suit For Damages and Compensation involving either an individual or an organization is taken by our experienced lawyers, wherein a civil case is any case that does not fall under the purview of either criminal law or family law.

The legal team of ConsultCorp Legal has prominently handled criminal matters in front of the Bombay High Court, the Sessions Court and the District Court on behalf of our clients in criminal matters like Legal Notices, Filling An FIR and Application For Regular/ Anticipatory/ Interim Bail with satisfactory results owing to the in-depth knowledge of the legal team.

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