On 6th November a virtual webinar was organized by the Delhi High Court Women Lawyers Forum on the topic, “Feminist Lawyering: From Invisible to Invincible.” During the seminar Senior Advocate Indira Jaising stated that, “A women should not be compelled to choose between Motherhood and Profession.”

The seminar was attended by Advocate Nitya Ramakrishnan. The seminar was moderated by Advocate Miriam Fozia Rehman and Advocate Abhisree Saujanya.

While referring her work as a lawyer, Jaising mentioned that she never went to the court by keeping a thought in her mind that she is going to lose the case, she goes to the court thinking that she will win the case, as she believes firmly on her arguments and her arguments are sprouted from the Constitution of India.

While speaking on the topic of representation of women in court, Jaising draws everyone’s attention to the significant fact that, only 7 women judges have been there in the Supreme Court in the past 70 years. She also upheld the issue of lack of women friendly infrastructure of the Supreme Court and how she was encouraged to file a petition. There was no creche for Apex Court until 2 years ago, as the court had was not constructed with vision that it would be poured with the women lawyers.

Feminism meant the shattering of stereotypes, stated by Advocate Nitya Ramakrishnan. She also pointed out that in matter of maintenance, right of property, speedy progress was needed and this is because woman was sitting at home and also it did not translate into lesser privilege. It was commented that how misogyny has been filled in social media when people termed their daughter as ‘liability’. Revolution in Court procedures and administration was demanded by both Jaising and Ramakrishnan when it came to matters of gender justice. It was stated by Ramakrishnan that that procedures should be people friendly, Jaising noted the guidelines that should be issued by the Supreme Court on what would be spoken by the judges of any Court in a judgement pertaining to gender justice.

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