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Cooperative Societies Act 1912, in a nutshell.


The word cooperative is made of two words Co and Operate which simply means to work together. Cooperation in India emerged in 1904 started by British Government in order to provide relief to poor farmers from the harassment caused by lenders. A Cooperative Society is a form of business organization wherein people voluntarily come together […]

Maintenance And Welfare Of Parents Mandatory!

Maintenance of Parents

Indian culture puts moral binding on the people to take care of wellbeing of Parents and Senior Citizens. It is expected that elders should be taken care of by their children and other relatives (specially in case of childless ones). However, day by day natural love and moral bindings are weakening. As a result, cases […]

Judicial Separation and Divorce

Judicial separation & Divorce

By Adv. Archana Chhatre When Husband and Wife are unable to cope up with each other and all the possible efforts of maintaining peaceful, harmonious relation fail or behavior of one becomes totally intolerable for other or any other cause makes any one of them to think that there is no point in continuing this […]

Refusing to marry after engaging in a sexual relationship does not amount to cheating

In the case of Kashinath Narayan Gharat v. The State of Maharashtra (2021) Cr.A. 119/ 1999, the single-judge bench of Justice Anuja Prabhudessai of the Bombay High Court heard the challenge by the petitioner against the order of the Additional Sessions Judge, given on February 19, 1999, wherein the petitioner was accused under Section 417 […]

Delhi High Court rejects the petition of heir of Bahadur Shah Zafar II for the possession of the Red Fort on the grounds of inordinate delay of 150 years in filing the claim for property

In a petition filed before the Delhi High Court in the case of Sultana Begum v. The Union of India & Ors, the petitioner claimed ownership of the Red Fort owing to her being the legal heir of the last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar II. Vivek More, the learned Advocate for the petitioner submitted […]

Uttarakhand High Court directs Superintendent of Police to protect the Life and Property of a Gay Couple threatened by their Parents

Mr. Rohit Sagar and Mr. Mohit Goyal filed a writ petition with the Uttarakhand High Court before a two-judge bench of Chief Justice Raghvendra Singh Chauhan and Justice N. S. Dhanik, wherein the petitioners are two gay men of major age living together in a live-in relationship. The respondents to the petition are the parents […]

“He Deserves Much More. Let Him Suffer”: SC upholds conviction of Journalist for publishing Defamatory Articles against an Advocate

In the case of D. S. Vishwanatha Shetty v. T. N. Rathnaraj, the Karnataka High Court had convicted the accused Journalist and editor (the petitioner) for publishing defamatory articles against an Advocate, wherein the High Court upheld the conviction order of the Trial Court (passed in 2009) in 2015 under Section 501 of the Indian […]

Recording the telephonic conversation with one’s wife without her knowledge and consent is illegal, and violative of her Fundamental Right to Privacy

A single-judge bench of Justice Lisa Gill of the High Court of Punjab and Haryana heard two petitions: Neha v. Vibhor Garg (2021) C.R. No. 1616/ 2020 and Vibhor Garg v. Neha (2021) C.R. No. 2538/ 2020. The Family Court, Bathinda passed an order on January 29, 2020, wherein the husband (Vibhor Garg) was allowed […]

Bombay High Court seeks response from Centre about removal of PM Modi’s image and name from the website of PM CARES fund

A two-judge bench of the Bombay High Court of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice M. S. Karnik asked the Centre in the light of a PIL filed by Congress member Vikrant Chavan before a two-judge bench of Justice A. A. Sayed and Justice S. G. Dige to delete the name and photograph of Prime […]

A Rape Victim cannot be forced to undergo a DNA test to determine the paternity of her Child of Rape as it violates her Rights to Personal Liberty and Privacy

On December 17, 2017, the revisionist in the present case, Gulafsa Begum, filed a First Information Report under Sections 376 (Rape), 504 (Intentional insult with the intent to provoke breach of the peace), 506 (Punishment for criminal intimidation) and Section 3 of the Protection Of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012, against the respondents (the […]