The culture of the 21st century has become synonymous with the culture of on-demand consumption of commodities and services due to the inclusion of high-quality commodities in the open market at affordable and competitive pricing; hence, we as individuals within this culture are represented by the things we own and consume. The rise in the FMCG companies and FMCG products in the Indian market has open the doors to a plethora of legal issues, ranging from Adherence and Compliance of the FMCG product and its manufacturing to the Regulations of Government, Judicial, Quasi-Government and Quasi-Judicial bodies of India to the Contractual Agreements regarding the Establishment and Registration of New Firm.

The experienced lawyers of ConsultCorp Legal have in-depth knowledge about the laws and legislative statutes concerning firms either dealing in or manufacturing FMCG commodities and Beverages; consequently, the legal team advises and litigates on behalf of either the FMCG client or the Beverage Company on a variety of matters relating to Advertising Including Comparative Advertising Issues, Legal Procedures and Product Labelling Laws, Product Liability and Consumer Claims as well as Brand Protection And Enforcement Issues, Formulation Of e-Labelling Regulations, Distributor Agreements, Disputes With Distributors And Retailers.

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