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Difference between succession certificate and legal heirship certificate

Difference between succession certificate and legal heirship certificate   In today’s era one often thinks that succession certificate and legal heirship certificate are synonyms to each other but in reality, they aren’t. To apply for a succession certificate the eligible people are those who are directly related to the deceased. The use of Succession certificate […]

SARFAESI Act, 2002 (In a nutshell)

HOW SARFAESI ACT 2002 OPERATES IN THE BANKING SECTOR? Banks & Financial Institutions before the enactment of SARFAESI ACT, 2002 faced significant losses due to the problem of rising NPA’s . Banks could not sell off the security interest without the intervention of courts/ tribunals to recover the defaulting loan. The sluggish nature of the […]

Cooperative Societies Act 1912, in a nutshell.


The word cooperative is made of two words Co and Operate which simply means to work together. Cooperation in India emerged in 1904 started by British Government in order to provide relief to poor farmers from the harassment caused by lenders. A Cooperative Society is a form of business organization wherein people voluntarily come together […]

Maintenance And Welfare Of Parents Mandatory!

Maintenance of Parents

Indian culture puts moral binding on the people to take care of wellbeing of Parents and Senior Citizens. It is expected that elders should be taken care of by their children and other relatives (specially in case of childless ones). However, day by day natural love and moral bindings are weakening. As a result, cases […]

Judicial Separation and Divorce

Judicial separation & Divorce

By Adv. Archana Chhatre When Husband and Wife are unable to cope up with each other and all the possible efforts of maintaining peaceful, harmonious relation fail or behavior of one becomes totally intolerable for other or any other cause makes any one of them to think that there is no point in continuing this […]