After the commencement of e-Lok Adalat, e-Mediation, Daily e-Lok Adalat in the State of Haryana, the Haryana State Legal Services Authority has conducted an online refresher training program for the Mediators. The first online training program was inaugurated by Executive Chairperson of Haryana State Legal Services Authority, Justice Daya Choudhary, Judge, Punjab, and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh.

On 17th November 2020, a 20 hours Online Refresher Training Programme for Mediators was conducted by Haryana State Legal Services Authority. The program is scheduled for 5 days from 17th November 2020 till 21st November 2020 for Mediators cum advocate of 5 Districts which are Ambala, Fatehabad, Gurugam and Karnal, and Fatehabad.

Through video conferencing the program commenced with the inaugural mark by Justice Choudhary where her lordship directed the Judicial Officers, officials, Potential Trainers, Senior Trainers, and others. She stated that awareness regarding mediation is essential for Advocates. As it plays a significant role in making mediation and conciliation easy and successful.
In her lecture, she also believed that mediators would be made aware of the advantages of mediation.

The course of mediation training will turn into eliminating doubts from their minds. She also draws attention to the significance of the concept of mediation at length explaining its importance.
In her address, Justice Daya Choudhary, Judge of Punjab and Haryana High Court, the Executive Chairperson of the Haryana State Legal Services Authority, told that in the state of Haryana there are 202 Judge Mediators and 283 qualified Advocate Mediators who effectively conduct mediation by following prescribed procedures by Mediation Rules. Her lecture also claimed that if the conflict is successfully resolved by mediation and conciliation, it will improve the confidence of the individuals in the system and more individuals are likely to arrive at the Courts for Redressal of their grievances.

The lecture also defined the mediation at pre-litigation as well as during delay of litigation at any stage as a unique tool where a 3rd party who has no interest in forthcoming or pending litigation with both the conflicting parties interacting with the same thought process of these parties whereby both the parties coming to an amicable settlement prescribed by the parties at the end of the litigation.

The training program includes topics like Virtual Mediation and its concept and component, Functional Stages of Mediation, Conflict Management, etc.

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