Madurai Bench reunites a Transman and his lover separated by her father

A Habeas Corpus petition was filed by the petitioner M. Kavin Thamizh to produce his lover, a 23-year-old woman named Revathi from the unlawful detention and confinement at the hands of the respondent, her father Ramakrishnan in the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court, wherein the same was adjudicated by Justice V. Bharathidasan and Justice J. Nisha Banu with The Inspector of Police, Kadaladi Police Station, Ramanathapuram and The Superintendent of Police, Ramanathapuram (hereafter referred to as respondents) as the other respondents.

The two have been in a consensual relationship since 2018 shortly after the petitioner changed his name from Lavanya (birth name) to Kavin Tamizh. On April 27, 2021, Revathi writes a letter to the respondents to let them that she has left her parental home to lead a life on her own terms; subsequently, she left for Chennai with the petitioner where he works in Chennai Metro (KCIC).

On May 08, 2021, the parents of Revathi arrived at her accommodation in Chennai, Pallavaram Keezhakattalai Ladies Hostel, along with police officers to take Revathi back to Madurai against her will even though Revathi wilfully chose to live with the petitioner while knowing in the full capacity that the petitioner is a Transman.

The court upheld the prayer of Habeas Corpus of the petitioner by saying that Revathi was a major whose liberty and life were protected by the Constitution of India. The bench held that the relationship between the petitioner and Revathi was protected and permitted under the Constitution of India; additionally, the bench struck down the detention of Revathi by her father as unlawful since her relationship with the petitioner is consensual.

In a nutshell, the bench ordered the respondents to release Revathi so that she can continue to live with the petitioner.

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