Justice D. Y. Chandrachud and Justice M. R. Shah order the immediate release of Erendro Leichombam before 17:00 hrs

Manipur-based activist Erendro Leichombam had written a Facebook post on May 13, 2021, wherein he wrote, “The cure for Corona is Not cow dung & cow urine. The cure is science & common sense Professor ji RIP.” This post followed the death of the BJP Chief of Manipur, Prof. Tikendra Singh; consequently, the BJP Vice-President of Manipur, Usham D. Singh filed a police complaint against the activist for allegedly insulting the religious feelings and sentiments of the family members of Prof. Tikendra Singh and the BJP members. On May 17, 2021, the activist was granted bail by the district magistrate; however, the law enforcement agencies in the West Imphal District arrested him under the National Security Act, 1980. The activist’s father, L. Raghumani Singh, filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India helming that the NSA, 1980 was invoked to nullify the aforementioned bail.

The petitioner, his father, argued that the preventive detention was malicious in nature to abrogate the constitutionally protected freedom of speech and expression of Erendro Leichombam. The petitioner held that the post was made in public interest to criticise the unscientific misinformation being spread by BJP politicians for the use of cow urine and cow dung to prevent and treatment COVID-19 effectively.

Justice D. Y. Chandrachud and Justice M. R. Shah of the Supreme Court of India held that the detention of Erendro Leichombam violates his Fundamental Right To Life And Personal Liberty under Article 21 of the Constitution of India .
The bench passed an interim order to release Erendro Leichombam before 17:00 hrs on execution of bond of Rs. 1000/-

Image Copyright: The New Indian Express

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